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How Much Can I Afford?

Step 1:
How much do you and your co-borrower make each month? $
 Based on your income, your house payment can be  $
This means you can afford a home worth approximately   $
Note: if a house payment is your only debt.
Step 2:
What are the combined minimum monthly payments on all your debt (excluding your current mortgages).  For example - car loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc.   $
The maximum that you can pay each month for a house payment including your debt is  $
This means you can afford a home worth approximately  $
* Note: All numbers are approximations and not meant as a guarantee for loans of any amount. Form results are based solely on a percentage basis, especially unrepresentative of larger incomes. Therefore, consult with a financial institution with your complete information. You must meet their application criteria.

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