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Choosing A Mortgage Company

When most people think about choosing a mortgage company, they think about finding the lowest rate. Period.

Of course, financial considerations are important to every home buyer, and you certainly should consider the different rates mortgage companies in your area offer on comparable loans. But you also want to find a mortgage professional you can trust, and someone you can work with effectively. So don't let rates be your only criterion.

Here's a a quick three step process:

  1. Build a list of mortgage companies. Talk to people you know who have bought or refinanced a home recently.
  2. Talk to a mortgage professional. Call or visit the companies on your list. Get a feel for what it will be like to work with them, and how they approach your needs. If you're still uncertain, ask for references -- recent home buyers like yourself -- and talk to them.
  3. Compare rates for similar loans. Among the things you'll want to discuss with prospective companies are the rates they offer on mortgages. But when comparing rates between companies, be sure the rates are for comparable loans -- and remember to include fees and other costs so you're really comparing apples to apples.


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